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Exhaust Repair And Replacement In Northampton

Exhaust Repair And Replacement In Northampton

If your exhaust is 'blowing' and / or sounds like it is making a loud noise, it might be that you have a hole in your exhaust or that it is corroded. The back part of the exhaust that you see at the rear of a vehicle is often the coolest part and moisture build-up can cause this corrosion.

The other sound you might hear is a 'hissing' sound. This can indicate a leak in the exhaust further along the exhaust maifold near to where it connects to the engine.

If you hear rattling it might be that a bracket has become loose or which can cause stress to the section that might be missing a bracket as it is bending under a higher weight.

Whatever the state of your exhaust we can help. We supply a full range of original manufacturer parts and fit them accordingly.

Call Martin and his team on 01604 677738 to make an appointment to get your exhaust checked by a professional.