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Brake Repair And Replacement of Discs and Pads In Northampton

Brake Repair And Replacement In Northampton

Safe brake pads and discs are extremely important - especially when you need to stop! If you feel any vibrating, clicking noises, grinding or screeching sounds it could be an indication that your brake pads or discs are running very low. The other indication is that when you brake your car might 'pull' to a particular side, the sign of the pads not wearing evenly on both sides.

Brakes are connected to a hydraulic system. For them to operate effectively they rely on hydraulic fluid being in the pipes connecting them. While brake failure is rare, if your pedal feels a bit 'softer' than usual it could be an indication that the brake fluid is leaking from the system; in this instance seek a breakdown mechanic immediately.

We can do a free no-obligation check on your brakes to keep you and your car safe. Call Martin and his team now on 01604 677738 to get your vehicle checked at our Northampton garage premises.